// Project:



Christian Reese (Born 1977 in Hameln/GER)





Start with Music-Production:




Experimental-Ambient with Dance-Influences, Soundscapes



Digital and Virtual-Analog Synthesizers, Computer, Noise Samples


Inspiration and Influence:

Life and nature, Stories and impressions, Landscapes, Journeys,

Perception, Urge for understand



Christian Reese, 27th December 2015  



// Studio:



// Computer Hard- und Software:

Win PC with Pentium Core 2 Duo 2,4 GHz

M-Audio Audiophile 2496

Steinberg Cubase 5

Wavelab Essential 6


// Synthesizer (Hardware):

Yamaha CS6x

Yamaha MO X6

Korg Triton Extreme

Access Virus TI Desktop

Waldorf Micro Q [Phoenix Edition]

Novation Ultranova


// Drum-Machine:

Roland TR-8


// Synthesizer (Software):

NI Absynth 4 + 5

Korg Legacy Collection Digital

The Waldorf Edition


// Pult und Abhöre:

Behringer Xenyx 1002 FX

Alesis M1 Active 520


// Masterkeyboard/Controller:

Yamaha KX 49




// Past Gear:

Access Virus Indigo II, Virus C, TI Snow

Kawai K5000 S

Korg N5, Triton LE Black, R3

Novation X-Station 49, Xio Synth 25

Waldorf Blofeld

Yamaha CS2x, SY77, TG33